Imagine if your employer wanted to implant you with a microchip. What would you say? Workers at Epicenter, a Swedish startup hub that’s home to more than 100 companies and 2,000 workers, are saying “Yes, please!” according to the CNBC report.

Epicenter employees are being given the option to have the implant, which is the same as pet microchips, placed between the thumb and forefinger on one of their hands.

Tracking Concerns

Don’t panic, it’s a painless and bloodless procedure and this isn’t a geo-positioning or tracking device. The microchip has a read distance of only 10cm, is passive and only provides a unique secure encrypted number. 134.2Khz is a radio frequency which reads through living tissue so it’s been used for animals for nearly 20 years. This is just the first time humans are getting involved on a wide scale.

Ross Clarke, Technical Director for SwissPlus iD had an implant inserted into his arm in 2009 and it’s still there. It’s not migrated and continues to function. In the US and Scandinavia microchips are commonly implanted by tattoo parlours and professional body piercers.

So far 150 workers have decided to insert a chip and it’s become so popular that the organisation now holds monthly parties for employees getting their free implant.

Major Benefits

There are some huge benefits as the microchips can provide access through security and allow them, with a wave of their hand, to unlock doors, turn on and communicate with office devices, and even quickly pay at the company cafeteria. The potential for the rest of us is the elimination of wallets, credit cards, drivers licenses, keys, and all the other nonsense we carry around with us.

More recent developments relate to other implants; Breast implants, artificial joints and other devices inserted into the body can be serial numbered and read externally to the body. While an implanted microchip might seem outrageous, replacing your keys, credit cards and identifying surgically implanted devices can only be seen as a major benefit.

While glass microchips predominate as the only injectable microchip to date, SwissPlus iD Bio Polymeric microchips are now available for human applications. Made from an FDA approved polymeric material and created with one flat end, the risks and migration issues that might concern people are eliminated.

For the full article and further details read this article by Gene Marks HERE

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